Islam is the order and the system of God. Believer and unbeliever alike are by the nature of Islam. “Religion is Islam,” says the testimony in the Quran (3:19), there is no religion but Islam. And many religious faiths of the Nazarene, the Mosaic, the Buddhist, the Muslim, what are those? These here are ways of faith born from the nature of Islam (Ar.: Submission, total surrender). The observers of these paths believe in one God, but their way of reaching God differs. Now, as they go from different paths, humans differ in Places and Ranks.

No creature can be the exact same of another creature. One is guided towards the Rank one will eventually arrive at; “I think or believe this way,” says he, and goes that way. But how he thought, what is thought, from where it comes—that he does not know at all. One cannot help this.



Cafer Gezgez Abdullah was born in Malatya, Turkey in 1954. He penned down the knowledge given to him following a period of abstinence in 2002. His works are selflessly donated to all humanity.

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