Religion/Islam is array and system of the universe. Religion/Islam is man himself. Man knowing himself becomes religious. A man knowing himself also knows Allah. It is one of the meanings being close to Allah, otherwise Allah is not at a place where to go. A man reading himself knows the knowledge of the universe, which is why religion is the knowledge, it is the common knowledge revealed by all prophets in order to help people understand the system in which they are living. If we get together and assemble all revelations of prophets, we will be able to see holism of the system. This is called System of Allah or Divine System. Everything is created on this disposition.

No religion exists, except Islam. “Well, what about others? Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Muslimism etc. There are many religious faiths, what are they?” These are faith ways resulted from Islamic disposition. The practisers of these ways are ONE. They believe in Allah, but ways to reach Allah are different. Since they follow different ways, their positions and grades are different.

Besides, if someone gets a position, he is guided through that way without his knowledge, he says, “I think and believe so” and goes through there, but he isn’t aware of these questions, “how has he thought, what is thought, where does it come from?” . It is out of his will. To create, to be created has completed by the will of eternitiy of eternities.



He was born in Malatya (Turkey) in 1954. There, he penned the knowledge in 2002 which was revealed to him as a result of the abstemiousness he entered in 1992.

Cafer Gezgez Abdullah has endowed the works on this site to the humanity of the world with no thought of personal gain.

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